Travel 2006


In 2006 in the spring I went to Thailand visiting Koh Tao, an island popular with divers.  In the winter I visited Cambodia.






I flew to Thailand and spent a couple of days at Trat before going to Cambodia via Koh Kong.  From Koh Kong I went to Koh Sdach and then Sihanoukville.  From Sihanoukville I went to Kampot and then on to Kep, an old resort than is just start to become popular again.  In Kampot near my guesthouse I came across a school for orphans.  They were being taught Cambodian dance.  Their teacher was Nam Phanath.  A few years ago I received an email from a French lady who used to teach in Kampot.  She had seen my photos and written to me to ask what Cambodia, in particular Kampot, was like now.  I wrote to her and advised her to visit, which she did.  I wrote again to her after meeting Nam Panath and was surprised when I got the reply.


Nam Phanath is one of my ex-pupils . She studied in the Kampot lyceum . She

remembers to me as " Doll " . I explain to you . On 1960-65 , I was young

and pretty . My mocking Khmer pupils nickname me doll . On 2005 , at Kampot

, when I say : I am doll . Everyone remembers to me . It was the sesame . It

is a nice story , isn't it ?                        Marie-Francoise Chatel


It was a nice story.


I made a trip to Bokor, a plateau with an old casino on it before returning overland.







First I visited Bangkok.   


Then I took the train to Chumporn form where I got a boat to Koh Tao, an island popular with divers.  I was not enthralled by the island as it seemed to be overrun with foreigners, so most of the food was too tame for my taste.    One night there was a party nearby with fire dancing, which was fun.  After some time on the island I returned to Chumporn before returning to Japan and investigated the local food.



I stopped at Trat on my way to Cambodia.  It has an interesting market.  While I was there, a fair was being held.  That is where I saw the dancers, who looked like dolls, and the daredevil on a bike.